City Council Goals

The City Council annually sets goals and priorities. The goals, for FY 2018-19 are as follows. 

Strategic Initiative
Community Development To enhance the quality of life of residents and business owners and align development with our community values, draft and implement planning and Land Use policies that address development of hotels and their impacts on workforce housing, parking and retail space availability.

Initiate the process to prepare a South Entry Plan for the Old Redwood Highway Study Area that includes a workforce housing component; a circulation plan of the industrial zone, mixed use and public land located south of Memorial Bridge; and desired zoning designations. Any plan that is implemented will need to address Land Use and Business Ordinances to balance quality of life and encourage development that more closely aligns with our community values.
Quality of Life, Economic Diversity & Innovation, Effective & Efficient Government, Fiscal Responsibility & Infrastructure & Facilities
Community Housing

Explore opportunities that allow for the development of rental and workforce housing.  With Council consensus, this may be accomplished by developing language for a Growth Management Ordinance Amendment to be placed on the November 2018 ballot.

Adopt Land Use Code regulations that require a workforce/affordable housing component as part of any new hotel development. In addition, explore/develop opportunities which allow the City to develop the desired housing types and supplement funding for affordable housing, to increase access to housing for residents and local workers.

Work with regional partners to develop a strategic plan to better address homelessness. Any plan would include our current local partners, the County and neighboring cities.  The strategic plan will include action items that can be implemented by the City and its regional partners.

Implement policies to improve overall community health and limit the effects of second hand smoke.

Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government

Embark on a community based arts and culture plan that would gather widespread input about the role of arts and culture in the life of the community, assess the socio economic impact of the arts, provide data on how the City compares to other cities in terms of supporting the arts, explore opportunities for collaboration among organizations and businesses, and identify ways to foster and enhance the arts.  Use the information gathered to enhance the City’s participation in expanding art in the City.

Explore/develop opportunities to enhance river access and increase connectivity between City parks, the river and open spaces. Assess opportunities to enhance/increase access to bathrooms and improve City parks and open spaces.  .
Quality of Life & Infrastructure & Facilities


Develop and implement policies that increase non-vehicular modes of transportation that enhances the City’s ability to secure grant funding, to increase bike and pedestrian access
Quality of Life, Effective, Efficient Government & Infrastructure & Facilities
Fiscal Responsibility

Adopt a sound financial strategy that addresses the City’s short and long term pension costs.

Begin planning for the sunset of Measure V.

Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government &
Fiscal Responsibility
Infrastructure/City Facilities  Ensure significant capital improvement projects are completed efficiently and effectively to improve circulation and quality of life of our residents  Quality of Life, Economic Diversity & Innovation, Fiscal Responsibility & Infrastructure & Facilities
To see the FY 2018-19 Goal Poster click here.