3 North Street / Farmers' Market Site Concept Design Cost Estimates

The City, through its design consultant TLCD Architects, requested detailed cost estimates for each of the three concept design options. In addition, the City requested a cost estimate for an alternative approach that would demolish the existing structure and construct a parking lot with no other improvements. TLCD retained the services of Cromb Associates Construction Cost Management to provide the cost estimating. 

In preparing the cost estimates, Cromb incorporated several components to ensure the estimates are as comprehensive and accurate as possible in this stage of design, including:
  • Demolition and site work
  • Footings and foundations, including an allowance for potential seismic issues
  • Superstructure, exterior closure, roofing, and interior construction
  • Mechanical and electrical
  • Equipment (fixtures and furnishings)
  • Environmental cleanup
  • City fees
  • Professional services (design and construction administration)
  • Contractor general conditions, overhead, bonds/insurance, and profit
  • Contingency (15% of total construction costs)
Below are the total cost estimates for each option. Detailed cost estimates (44 pages) can be downloaded from the link above.

Concept Design Option 1: Retain, Renovate, and Repurpose Existing Structure, $3,089,591

Cerri Site Schematic Design Option 1 - Galvanized

Concept Design Option 2: Remove and Reconstruct (Modern Context), $5,303,999

Cerri Option 2 Rendering

Concept Design Option 3: Remove and Reconstruct (Agrarian Context), $5,066,250

Option 3 Rendering

Alternative Approach: Remove Existing Structure and Construct Parking with no other Improvements, $1,618,513

Cerri Site Parking Only