Solar Photovoltaic (PV) & Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Solar PV Array

Floating Solar-Array Project
Floating Solar_Drone shot_Small_Feb2021

The City of Healdsburg completed a 4.78 megawatt solar array on the recycled-water treatment ponds in January 2021 -- the largest floating array in the United States. The project provides 8 percent of the City's energy needs as well as cuts harmful algae bloom on the ponds, improving the quality of water for local vineyards and farms, which use the recycled water. 
Here's a fact sheet on the solar-array project

NOTE: The City of Healdsburg’s SB1 Solar Rebate program is now closed. We are no longer offering rebates for solar systems.

The Electric Department connected its first photovoltaic system in 2002 and today has over 5.67 MW of solar PV interconnected in city limits. The Electric Department has facilitated this with its distribution of over $830,000 in solar incentives to our customers.