Climate Change & Sustainability

Sustainability means meeting the needs of current generations without impairing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is an important strategy for the long-term health of the people, economy, and environment of California. 

Healdsburg’s sustainability targets:

  • Reduce dependence on fossil-based energy supplies
  • Develop and increase the use of renewable energy resources
  • Engage and educate our customers to take a more active role in assessing their own energy and water use, and adopting personal sustainability habits
  • Monitor, measure, and continually improve our sustainability practices
  • Develop and increase the use of reclaimed water and preserve local water supply
  • Promote and enhance sustainable transportation methods and reduce number of miles driven

Climate actions taken: 

  • Implemented an Energy Reach Code to reduce fossil fuel combustion in new construction.
  • Declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.
  • Converted all municipal electric accounts to Healdsburg’s Green Rate (100% renewable energy).
  • Retrofitted all City’s street and pathway lights to LED lighting.
  • Approved solar power purchase agreement to increase the City’s carbon free energy by roughly 7%.
  • Exceeded California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards in 2018 by 17%. Healdsburg Electric’s energy mix was made up of 42% eligible renewable energy in 2018, surpassing the State requirement of 25%.
  • Provided low income direct install energy efficiency program in 340 single family and multifamily homes at no cost to residents. This saved approximately 287,000 kWh per year.
  • Implemented a bike share agreement with Zagster promoting an alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Purchased a hybrid electric bucket truck, electric parking enforcement vehicle, and a plug-in hybrid to reduce the City vehicle fleet’s GHG emissions.
  • Installed 12 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at City Hall.
  • Continuously provide energy efficiency and water conservation programs including rebates and incentives, educational workshops, and in-person audits.

New Actions to Announce: 

  • Installation of floating solar at the City’s Wastewater Treatment facility has begun, with a project completion date of 2020. 
  • Pursuing the procurement of low and no-carbon energy resources in order to lower the City’s overall energy carbon content to less than 200 pounds per megawatt-hour.
  • Developing clean transportation and zero emission building programs that benefit Healdsburg’s low-income and vulnerable populations.

Climate Action Plan & GHG Emission Inventories

The City of Healdsburg, in collaboration with Sonoma County's Regional Climate Authority (RCPA), along with the other eight incorporated jurisdictions of Sonoma County, and the County of Sonoma itself, created a draft Climate Action Plan (CAP). The draft CAP includes both regional measures (to be implemented by regional agencies with local government support) and local measures (to be implemented by local governments) to achieve target GHG emission reductions and adapt to climate change.